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This site is to help manufacturing companies improve their business performance through better planning and control, in particular, better use of ERP (enterprise resource planning) and/or MRPII (manufacturing resource planning) systems through the resources on this website, books and, the ultimate resource, our ERP Implementation Toolkit.


planIf you are implementing an ERP system for the first time or want to improve your use of an existing system, I recommend you start by reading our ERP implementation plan, the product of our many years of helping companies with ERP systems. Whether you have a qualified and educated team to help you or you are a lone voice crying in the wilderness you will find this plan invaluable.


Many people have told me that the most useful resource that has guided them on their way to the better use of their planning system was one of the least expensive, their paperback version of Business Excellence. Although available as an e-book (see below), for serious study and use there is still nothing like a "proper" book. For more details click here or click the image on the right to purchase now (price now reduced from the cover price of 24.90 to 19, about US$27 / €21 plus free shipment to anywhere in the world).


Business Excellence is also available as a downloadable e-book. The e-book is in .pdf format so can be read with the Adobe Acrobat reader or can be added to an iPad or Kindle library. In addition to the complete e-book (19.90) there are 10 specialist e-books available for 4.95 each. 2 of the most popular subjects, stock record accuracy and master scheduling, are also available as courses on CD.


In addition to the ERP implementation plan mentioned above we accumulated many other resources which we have put together in our downloadable ERP class "A" toolkit which includes the e-book Business Excellence and all the resources needed to help companies complete their ERP implementation or re-implementation successfully.



jargonAny group of people will define and develop shorthand ways of talking about things that they are familiar with. This jargon can be confusing to others at best and positively off-putting at worst. We will attempt to de-mystify this jargon from the world of business planning and control, ERP, MRP, JIT, TQ etc. with our Jargon Buster


The internationally recognised 20 point ABCD checklist if the best way to assess how well you currently plan and control your business. You can grade yourself A, B C or D to each question based on the grading notes to help you self-assess ("benchmark") your MRPII / ERP planning and control processes.


wcmOnce you are happy with your MRPII and/or ERP system - what is next? The answer is World Class Manufacturing - the rewards are huge both in terms of customer service and operational efficiency. See how you rate against the "best in class" with our free 20 point World Class Manufacturing checklist, now each answer is graded W, X, Y and Z so you can score yourself and monitor your progress.


surviveFor (relatively) light relief you should read our ERP Survival Guide - how to live with ERP and MRP systems after they have been implemented. What can go wrong and how to put them right (re-implement) so as to get real business benefits; in short, a complete MRP/ERP survival guide!


We have a list of over 30 of the most frequently asked questions during our years of consulting and education.


We also have a large number of articles of interest particularly to professionals in the manufacturing industry as well as others.


boostAre you entering any Business Awards? - click here for help and guidance from our associate Boost Marketing. With an office opened recently in New Zealand (www.boost-awards.co.nz) Boost are now able to offer round the clock award writing.

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