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ABCD Self Assessment checklist

The internationally recognised way to benchmark your planning and control methods

This free, 20 point "ABCD checklist" allows you to benchmark your company's production planning and control processes against current best practice. Click the Checklist box on the right to see the checklist (in .pdf format).

Experience has shown that Class “A” companies achieve significant business benefits, increased market share and profitability. The 20 point checklist does not cover every area of business performance but it is our experience that a company's score on these 20 points give a strong indication about the company's overall business performance.

busexeJargon Warning - If you are not familiar with any of the terms used in this checklist, you can look them up in the Jargon Buster or in the book Business Excellence.


Click here to download the ABCD checklist

How to use this checklist

  • You should print and circulate the checklist (which can be downloaded as a .pdf file by clicking the image on the right) to the relevant managers for each to assess independently then meet to agree the score.
  • Record your score on the summary page at the beginning.
  • For 6 measures (on time customer deliveries, on time works orders, on time purchase orders, stock record accuracy, bill of material accuracy and routing accuracy) you will be asked to estimate a percentage figure. If you do not know the exact percentage it is worth doing a little research. An honest estimate is better than nothing.
  • If you do not understand the question you are probably class D!

 There is a self-assessment table at the end of the checklist.