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Interesting Articles

Articles which should interest manufacturing professionals



Intuitive problem solving techniques

Intuition is a powerful tool when it comes to problem solving but we often ignore or even despise it.

Customer Relationship Management - have we lost the plot?

When you remove common sense from CRM, the extra, new ingredient is the ability to store and retrieve customer information in a way that improves customer service.

What CRM customer relationship management can do for your business by Paul Carney

The focus of this article is how CRM (Customer relationship management) is being used by businesses like yours. From call centre support to direct marketing, CRM is poised to become a major part of the business.

Ideas to help you with your vision statement

10 ideas to stimulate the creation of a company vision statement

10 lessons you can learn from Noah's ark

From "Keep alert or you may miss the boat" to "Take the best advise available but don't forget in the end you will have to do the work."

If you chase 2 rabbits both will escape by Malcolm Harvey

Single-minded determination is not something that many of us can honestly say that we have on a regular basis.

Making the most out of meetings (including the on-line meetings) by Kelly Cullison

Your time is valuable, don't waste it with poorly planned and executed meetings

Telephone skills

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

How to cheer yourself up at work

Take the happiness option whenever possible; you do have choices. You have to be responsible and get the job done but do try to spend as much of your day as possible having fun and, chances are, you will do a better job because your heart will be in what you are doing.

20 inspiring quotations on happiness by Colleen Moulding

e.g. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Victor Borge

How to ride a dead horse

Of course you should dismount but in business or politics you might . .

An amusing story about preparation for a canoe race

The Japanese won so the Californians hired a consultant - what happened next?

How to wind a cuckoo clock by Dave Balch

There is a right and a wrong way to do anything, you can learn from the most unlikely places

Never give 100% by Martin Avis

Why giving a little bit more makes twice the difference

If you are in a hole you don't need a shovel by Gary Clark

When you find yourself in a hole what you need to find is someone who has been in the same or a similar hole before and has got out!

How to make a perfect stew by John Colanzi

Comfort for anyone with a seemingly impossible task

Boss Quiz by M. P. Hummingbird

Rate yourself as a boss.

The perils of using jargon by Tim North

Improve your writing and presentations skills

35 Sure-fire ways to kill a meeting by John Gravitt

Complete with a column for you to score your favourite meetings.

Eight Ideas for Coming Up With New Ideas by Walter Burek

Help your creative thinking by imitating Einstein, Churchill and other great thinkers.

Greetings by Susan Dunn

Multicultural differences in greetings you need to be aware of.

Best of breed (BOB) versus fully integrated system (FIS) which is best? by Phil Robinson.

Which is best? - the pros and cons.

Alice by Joan Marques

Never forget the good things people have done for you in the past.

Get control of your e-mail before it controls you by Merle.

Ask any manager these days where they spend too much of their time and they'll probably tell you it is reading and responding to e-mail.

How to avoid an e-mail "flame" war by Mike McDaniel

Practicing "Send-Button-Restraint" can save you a lot of grief.

The refresh option for an old ERP system by Olin Thompson

"Re-implementing" your old ERP system works for some people, but will it work for you? (.pdf format)

New problems demand new solutions by Joan Marques

How to turn a crisis to your advantage

The magic of change by Claudette Rowley

Don't hate change but allow change to bring new magic into your life

Letter to my Grandson by Steve Brunkhorst

The secret of keeping your eyes wide open. Inspiring stuff from a wise old man

Summertime Stress Busting Challenge by Susie Cortright

Use this table of sheer indulgences to help you find the time to relax - based on an article

Listening skills by Dorene Lehavi

Top 10 ways to improve your communication skills by being a better listener

The 99 % rule by Greg Reid

If someone says “ I don't mean to offend but . . . ” 99 % of the time they are about offend you - an interesting article on human nature.

Put the fun in function by Brook Montagna

Ideas to make even the most mundane jobs fun.

The Black Belt by Steve Goodier

Learn from the wise, changes can be new beginnings.