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Boss Quiz

by M.P. Hummingbird

If you had to rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10 for being a "good boss" what would it be?

When the Canadian government started a "bad boss hotline" for employee complaints, there was so many calls in the first few hours it burnt out the line. Would your employees use such a service to complain about you?

Do the following quiz and find out whether you are a good boss or not.

Rate yourself honestly for each question:

0 - no or never

1 - sometimes

2 - always

1. You can easily be approached by all types of people.

2. You give accurate and logical answers to questions.

3. You are good at setting priorities.

4. You are always accessible by some means of communication.

5. You look for ways to improve the effectiveness of your operation.

6. You praise the successful efforts of your personnel.

7. You check back on things and don't just assume they are done.

8. You are able to act as a positive representative for your organization to the public.

9. You follow and enforce the policies and procedures of your organization as they are officially outlined.

10. You are able to designate routine tasks to appropriate personnel.

Add up your score.

15 - 20 You are a great boss already!

7 - 15 You are a good boss but could make some improvements.

0 - 7 You are not a good boss and should perhaps consider going back to being an employee.

Now comes the hard part!

Put all of these questions into a "Boss Survey". Hand it out a copy to each one of your employees. Ask them to complete it "anonymously" and hand it back into your office.

Compare the results of the survey with YOUR answers to the quiz.

Smile and then make your improvements!


M.P. Hummingbird

Author. Researcher. Designer.