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An Intuitive Problem Solving Technique

Intuition is the antidote to formalised problem solving techniques

Answering the following 16 questions with the first thing that comes into your head, will help you arrive at a solution to a problem or challenge that you would not have arrived at by logical deduction. Using the first answer to each question that comes to mind will help you to bypass formal problem solving and tap into your intuitive logic. To use this test successfully you have to learn to listen to your intuition. If you ask yourself a question, intuition will always answer. Expect an answer and listen out for it but try to be in a positive frame of mind and, preferably, in a quiet environment.

Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of the polio vaccine said "I often wonder what my intuition will toss up to me like gifts from the sea."

The problem I need to solve is:

1. The first time I remember having this problem is . .

2. I'd say the core of the problem is . .

3. What nobody else knows about the solution is that . .

4. What's stopping me from solving this problem is . .

5. One person who could help is . .

6. The first step I need to take is . .

7. When this problem is solved I will feel . .

8. The most similar challenge I've handled successfully is . .

9. One thing that would really motivate me to tackle this situation is . .

10. When I think about this situation, my main emotion is . .

11. One person I know (or know of) who has handled a similar challenge successfully is . .

12. If I had to write a short story or report about this situation, I'd call it . .

13. A realistic deadline for solving this problem is . .

14. If I get discouraged in dealing with this challenge one thing that can help keep me going is . .

15. I'll know I have made progress when . .

16. One thing I'm going to do tomorrow to tackle this situation is . .

Now print out this page and put the page somewhere where it will keep reminding you to get on with it!


By Jurgen Wolf of Brainstorm (+44 (0)171 323 3037) contained in an article on ""Emotional Intelligence" by Cheryl Buggy in Professional Manager (UK)