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How to Make a Perfect Stew

by John Colanzi

There's a story about a woman during the depression who was out of work and down on her luck. Her only mission was to make herself a perfect bowl of stew. She had no money and none of the ingredients. Instead of concentrating on what she lacked, she sat down and wrote down the ingredients she needed to make her tasty stew. Once she had her list, she set out each day to acquire one ingredient, until she had everything she needed to make her perfect stew.

Our businesses are like that bowl of stew. To get the perfect money machine in operation we have to think like the young lady with the stew. The first step is to sit down and list everything we need to create a successful, prospering business. Once we have our list, we need to sit down and determine what is on the list and determine to go on a mission to add those missing ingredients. We can't worry about how we'll get them. We have to concentrate on going forward and moving one step towards our goal every day. Every step we take towards our goal of the perfect business, our goal will come half way to meet us.

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, neither can your business. So if you're serious about making money in your new venture, get out your shopping list and start gathering what you need. In no time at all you'll be one of the select few making money on the internet or whatever your goal. So get started today. I can already smell that pot cooking.

Bon Appetit,

John Colanzi

Street Smart Marketing