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Book title - Business Excellence

- the integrated solution to planning and control by Phil Robinson

busexeBusiness Excellence - paperback price now reduced to 19, about US$40 / €30 (normal price as printed on the book 24.90), is essential reading for managers at all levels who would like to get everyone working to the same company plan. The book is particularly valuable for people implementing or upgrading manufacturing planning systems such as MRPII or ERP (231 A4 size pages and over 100 illustrations, first published 1997). Click the image on the right to buy Business Excellence now.
spainflag50Also available in Spanish - see www.lulu.com/spotlight/textoslean

The current paperback version is the 2006 edition and is available in paperback and e-book format. The e-book has coloured diagrams and illustrations and can be purchased as a download (2.6MB .pdf file) - see below. The e-book is read with the widely available and free Adobe Acrobat reader or can be added to an iPad or Kindle library. The e-book edition has been written so that each of the chapters shown below can be read as stand alone books in their own right. All the main chapters are available as individual e-books (see links shown in the chapter listing below).

item5Table of Contents In addition to the complete book you can also purchase short, specialized e-books for just 4.95 (about US$7). Click the relevant link bellow for more details.

  1. Introduction and Business Excellence Fundamentals
  2. Sales and Operations Planning (also in Spanish see www.lulu.com/spotlight/textoslean)
  3. How to Master Schedule to improve business performance
  4. Material Requirements Planning the fundamentals of MRP and how to build a sound foundation
  5. Capacity Requirements Planning - the third dimension
  6. How to achieve at least 98% Stock Record Accuracy
  7. Bills of Material and New Product Introduction
  8. World Class Manufacturing (including lean manufacturing and six sigma)
  9. Purchasing - Supply side techniques that really work
  10. Business Excellence Performance Measures - to encourage, support and monitor new and better ways of working
  11. Successful ERP Implementation (or re-implementation)
  12. Jargon Buster (available free on this web site)

Reviews & endorsements:

From amazonlogo (Click here to link to Amazon.co.uk)


"Although this is not the normal detailed academic textbook, it covers most of the techniques involved in achieving business excellence. It has that added unmistakable ring of being written by someone who has been deeply involved in the successful implementation of these principles. . . In short : recommended, down to earth reading for both students and practitioners in manufacturing without the evangelistic hype that too often accompanies terms such as "business excellence".

Manufacturing Engineer June 1997 (Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers) - Full review

"Business Excellence is an excellent and very clear exposition of everything one should know about MRP etc. I will certainly recommend it to students and executives in the area"

Professor C.A. Voss London Business School

"I bought your book, Business Excellence, and it was so useful."

Josadak Marcola - Planning Industrial Manager - Brazil

Extracts of reviews from Amazon.co.uk pages

". . . one of the first books I would recommend for anyone who is contemplating, implementing or using an ERP system." (UK November 2002)

"Often details can be quite complicated, but the author dives into them in a clear, straightforward manner." (USA July 2002)

"Managers at every level in the organisation should be encouraged to read this book." (Pool UK Nov 2000)

Phil Robinson joined Knowles Electronics as Production Manager and subsequently became the project leader for their 1985 class "A" MRPII implementation, only the second in the UK. In 1989 Knowles introduced the first international EDI kanban with a customer in Denmark. By 1994 lead times had been reduced from 8 weeks to next day kanban delivery, inventory reduced by one third, on time in full was better than 99.5% and customer returns reduced to less than 300 parts per million.

Phil has been teaching and consulting in Business Excellence since 1994 learning from and building on the experience of one of the earliest implementors of Business Excellence Mike Salmon of Oliver Wight and MRP Ltd. This book was first published in 1997 and is now in its 4th edition (2006).


1) I am so often asked about sales forecasting I have extracted the relevant section from my book. . . more.

2) One of the most useful but also the hardest to understand facilities that a properly implemented ERP system gives a company is "Available to Promise" (ATP). This extract shows how this calculation works . . . more.

To purchase "Business Excellence - the integrated solution to planning and control" for 24.90 in paperback or 19.90 in e-book format with a company wide licence (read with free Adobe Acrobat reader), click the relevant image to pay securely with your credit card (don't worry if you have not used PayPal before it is easy to use and you do not need to register). Postage and packing for the paperback version is now free anywhere making this by far the best way to buy this book.


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For the complete guide to implement or re-implement an ERP system you should purchase BPIC's ERP class "A" toolkit". Business Excellence is a component of this toolkit. You can also purchase short, specialized e-books for just 4.95 (about US$7). See the top of this page for details and a full list of these e-books.

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