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Bill of Material & New Product Introduction e-book

How to improve business performance and new product introduction with accurate and properly structured bills of material (BOMs)

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Bill of Material e-book summary: It is not always realised that improving the bill of material structure and accuracy can reduce administration costs, improve customer service and flexibility, reduce lead time and lower inventory levels. Conversely, an incorrectly structured or inaccurate bill of material can have the opposite effect. New product introduction times are dramatically improved when the understanding of the importance of bill of material structure and accuracy are improved.

The bill of material is probably the most used piece of information in a manufacturing company. It is also probably the least understood. Frequently the department that generates the information, the design department, have never been taught the vital importance of the accuracy, content and structure of the bill of material in an integrated planning system. The 4 aspects covered by this e-book are

1) Structure

2) Accuracy

3) New product introduction

4) Change control

This concise, practical bill of material e-book is now available in .pdf format which can be read and printed like a book (requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed). You can purchase then download this 17 page e-book securely by credit card (via PayPal) for just 4.95 (about US$8 or €7) by clicking the Bill of Material book image above. Full instructions are included on the download page.

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