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Ebook download problems

Please use this page ONLY if you have purchased an e-book using PayPal and were sent a PayPal receipt but have not yet got your book, for instance you were not directed to the download page after payment.

When you buy an e-book using PayPal, after payment if you click the "continue" and/or "return to merchant" buttons on the Payment Completion page you should be immediately re-directed to the e-book download page. Sometimes, for reasons outside my control, this re-direction fails. If this happened to you don't worry, just email: pmcr@bpic.co.uk with your PayPal receipt details (or forward your receipt to me) and I will resend the link. If you still have problems I will email your ebook as an attachment. In this case please make sure your email address accepts attachments.

Thank you again for purchasing my ebook.


Phil Robinson