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ERP class "A" implementation toolkit

All the help a manufacturing company needs to achieve class "A"* with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

ERP implementation toolkitWelcome to BPIC's ERP class "A" Implementation Toolkit.
(*Class "A" is the top classification on the internationally recognised 
ABCD checklist )

This ERP implementation toolkit is designed to help companies who either want to improve the use of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) or manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) system or are thinking of implementing such a system.

Many companies implement an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system but get little business benefit. Too often the software is "mapped" straight on to existing procedures so just creating an additional layer of administration. The ERP system becomes little more than a data capture and storage system and a way to print the necessary paperwork.

Just implementing a planning system is not enough, managers need help to learn how to substitute current planning methods with the facilities of an integrated planning system. This integrated way of working does not develop naturally but once these ideas have been put into practice the end result is much better control of all the business processes from finance through sales, planning, manufacturing and purchasing resulting in dramatically increased customer service and lower operating costs.

Class "A" companies achieve better than 98% customer service, accurate stock records and bills of material and reduced lead time, manufacturing costs and inventory.

The toolkit is based around a well tested and easy to follow implementation checklist. To achieve class "A" you open the checklist and work down it. The ERP class "A" toolkit will link you to all the resources below as you need them to complete the implementation or re-implementation successfully. Click the image on the top right of this page to download the toolkit (9.6MB) for just 34.90 (about US$50 or €40).

Toolkit Table of Contents

1) Implementation checklist - a step by step guide to implementing or re-implementing an ERP system. The checklist has links to the resources listed below as they are required.

2) Business Excellence e-book - the integrated solution to manufacturing planning and control - essential reading for managers at all levels who are involved with the implementation or use of an ERP planning system. This 2006 edition has 231 A4 size pages and over 100 illustrations. (more details or purchase separately . . .)

3) Business Excellence Fundamentals presentation - this 25 minute audio visual Business Excellence Fundamentals Overview presentation will give the project team and busy managers a quick appreciation of the scope and considerable benefits for everyone when an integrated planning system has been properly implemented and is used correctly.

4) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software selection guide - an invaluable guide to software selection from selecting packages for the initial "beauty parade" to a shortlist and final selection more details . . .

5) Company II blueprint (Word format) - communication during such a large project is almost always a problem. A Company II document provides a home for all the major and minor decisions that have to be made during implementation. Company II is the project leader's implementation blueprint containing suggested project team and task force structures along with agendas and a jargon buster. Company II is designed to be universally available and updated with all the many decisions, large and small, as they are made during the project.

6) Suggested Business Excellence/ERP/MRP education programme - a suggested education programme for managers

7) Cost and benefit analysis - with suggested costs and potential areas of saving complete with Excel template.

8) Sales and Operations Planning policy blueprint - the key decision areas highlighted such as the timetable, families, performance measures, RCCP (rough cut capacity planning) critical resources, updates, time fences and safety stock policy.

9) Sales and Operations Planning template - for companies with critical resources dedicated to product families - a suggested plan and rough cut layout in Excel format with instructions for adapting and scaling.

10) Sales and Operations Planning template - for companies with mostly common resources - a suggested plan and rough cut layout in Excel format with instructions for adapting and scaling.

11) Master Production Scheduling policy blueprint - highlighting key decisions needed for master scheduling including ATP (available to promise), abnormal demand, planning horizon and planning to demonstrated capacity.

12) Master schedule workshop instructions - a suggested software training workshop which can be used either with the selected ERP package or using the Excel spreadsheet included with this toolkit.

13) Master schedule workshop Excel spreadsheet - starting position.

14) Business Excellence performance measures - the two keys to changing the culture of a company are education and new, relevant performance measures. This spreadsheet in Excel format supports the performance measures chapter in the Business Excellence e-book included with this toolkit.

Reproduction of any of the material in the toolkit for profit is strictly forbidden but the material may be copied for personal and company internal use provided the resource paragraph is included.

downloadtoolkit3aYou can purchase and download the ERP Class "A" toolkit (9.6MB for just 34.90 (about US$50 or €40) by clicking the toolkit image on the right.

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Click the image below to download the toolkit

If you do not want to purchase the whole toolkit right now, you could purchase e-books on individual subjects such as Sales and Operations Planning or How to Master Schedule by Phil Robinson for just 4.95 (about US$7 or €6). Click the text links above for more details and download instructions or go to www.bpic.co.uk/be_book.htm for the full list.

Comment from Dennis Goldensohn - Arkwin Industries, Inc.Westbury, NY (USA)

I have read all of the materials that I purchased from you last month. I was very pleased with ALL of the materials. In addition, I am using the ABCD to rate the "Current State" of my company and then to structure a "Future State Map" of the way things should be like which includes an implementation of anERP Solution.

The 234 page book "Business Excellence" is superb and the related slide show that you sent acknowledges the subject that you read about in the text. At the present we are a C- house as far as the ABCD review. Thus in my report for an ERP implementation here I sated that we needed to prioritize getting all of these issues resolved and not pollute the new system with 'GIGO"; Garbage In-Garbage Out!