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Books & Recipies

by Phil Robinson

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Lifelong learning is the attitude of mind needed to remain competitive in the job market. You have to take personal responsibility to invest in your own growth in the same way companies invest in research and development. External training provides you with occasional feasts of information and snacking on articles is important but a regular diet of books must be the main food for your personal development. I have selected books here that I have found both interesting and useful. All the e-books are .pdf format and can be read with the free Adobe Acrobat reader or can be added to an iPad or Kindle library..(proportional)



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Business Excellence - the integrated solution to planning and control 

Phil Robinson

24.90 paperback

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Essential reading for managers at all levels in manufacturing companies to get everyone working towards one common goal. Invaluable for companies who are implementing or want to get the most from their MRPII or ERP systems.

The latest, 2006, edition of Business Excellence is now available in e-book format in addition to the paperback version.


Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

by Phil Robinson

1.49 e-book

The ideal accompaniment to the Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding sheets above. The e-book contains detailed instructions for you to be able to make perfect Yorkshire Puddings just like the picture. The e-book also includes may ideas to solve the common problems with Yorkshire Puddings. As well as the traditional recipe there are many other recipes for snacks, starters, main course and puddings based around Yorkshire Puddings.


Cooking to impress - Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings

by Phil Robinson

1.49 e-book

A "dummies guide" to cooking the perfect Roast Beef meal from shopping to presenting the meal including Yorkshire puddings and proper gravy.


The pocket money book - a parents guide

by Phil Robinson

1.49 e-book

An e-book for harassed parents on that thorny problem of pocket money . How much to give, when and why. . .


How to make Perfect Compost - a guide for smaller gardens

by Phil Robinson

1.81 Kindle Exclusive

This concise book is aimed at gardeners with relatively small plots, yards or town gardens and a limited amount of time but who want to make compost to turn ordinary soil into amazingly productive soil and, at the same time, reduce the amount of waste they have to dispose of. The composting processes described are not difficult or time consuming.

As well as describing composting techniques for gardens of different sizes there is also a chapter on what can go wrong and how to fix it. Finally there are chapters on the different but related processes of making leaf mould and wormeries (also known as Vermiculture or worm boxes).


Recipies to accompany YouTube videos

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Link to free recipies

Mexican cookery course in Oaxaca Mexico


A course and demonstration of cooking Tortillas from fresh masa, salsa flavoured with cheese and squash flowers or fried grasshoppers, peppers stuffed with Pollo Encacahuatado (Chicken mole with a peanut chilli sauce), shrimp soup, guacamole plain and with pineapple, ague de pepino (a fresh cucumber drink), helado de chocolate Oaxaca (Oaxaca chocolate ice cream) and ceviche (a spicy fish dish).

Mexican recipies

Chinese cookery course YouTube video part 1

A cookery lesson in Yangshuo China starting with shopping in a real Chinese market followed by the lesson cooking Sweet and Sour Pork in a Wok. Part 2 has 2 more dishes.

Sweet & Sour recipe

Chinese cookery course YouTube video part 2


Following on from part 1, the cookery lesson in Yangshuo China shows you how to make Steam Vegetable Dumplings and cook Gong Bao Chicken in a Wok.

Dumpling recipe

Gong Bao Chicken recipe