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Sales and Operations Planning e-book

a detailed description of the technique and how to implement it

downloadsop0To purchase this 10 page e-book on Sales and Operations Planning, with coloured illustrations and template spreadsheets which you can customise to your business for 4.95 (about US$8 or €7), click the image on the right.

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Sales and Operations Planning - One of the quickest and simplest but most effective manufacturing planning techniques is Sales and Operations Planning. No fancy software is required; most companies just use a spreadsheet. Sales and Operations Planning not only provides a tool to show how manufacturing can meet sales and marketing's objectives but also provides a remarkably precise forecast of financial output for the coming months and so is a tool to help you deliver the most important business objectives. Click here for an overview of the process.

Sales and Operations Planning is not difficult to learn or apply to most businesses. Our experience in helping companies apply this technique is that they quickly develop a dramatically improved visibility of the future. Sales and Operations planning is currently used in over 50% of manufacturing companies around the world.

Table of contents


Choice of families

The review process

Sales planning

Sales forecasting

New products

Production planning

Rough cut capacity planning

The draft plan

Partnership meeting

The sales and operations planning meeting


templateThe e-book now comes with 2 template Excel .xls format workbooks, compiled from the best examples we have seen, for companies with either dedicated critical resources or critical resources shared across families. The workbook for companies with dedicated resource come set up for 5 families and includes a summary sheet for the critical resource (operators is used as an example). The workbook for companies with common resources includes a sheet for sales and production forecasts and either the order book or inventory calculation plus 2 sheets for the rough cut capacity planning calculation for 2 critical resources. Both workbooks have full instructions to enable them to be applied to whatever kind of business you have.

A Sales and Operations planning e-book is now available in .pdf format which can be read and printed like a book (requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed).

You can purchase this 10 page e-book securely by credit card (via PayPal) for just 4.95 (about US$8 or €7) by clicking the image at the top right of the page. Full instructions are included on the download page.


This e-book plus 10 more like it can be purchased together in the compendium book "Business Excellence - the integrated solution to manufacturing planning and control" price 24.90, about 45US$ / €37. . . more details