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About BPIC - the Business Performance Improvement Company

Who are we?
BPIC (the business performance improvement company) was set up by
Phil Robinson in 1994 to help manufacturing and distribution companies reach world class standards of business, enterprise and manufacturing resource planning and control. We are software independent so help you find the planning systems most suited to your business. We do not recommend specific software packages but will help you choose suitable packages and then help you implement the package looking more at the business needs of the company rather than just how to use the software.

In order to give you the maximum help in the most cost effective way Phil has now combined the experience of MRP Ltd and his own experience as a practising manager in his book Business Excellence which, now in its fourth edition (2006), has sold over 10,000 copies in paperback format and many more as e-books. In addition the material we accumulated in the courses and consultancy, helping companies both implement and improve their use of planning systems, into our ERP class "A" Implementation Toolkit which is available for purchase. Click here for more details. Two of the most popular courses are available on CD, these are the Stock Record Accuracy course and the Master Production Scheduling course. In addition you will find extensive resources available on this web site including Frequently Asked Questions and articles of interest.

List of recent BPIC customers

n.b. BPIC has no connection with the BPCS software package from SSA Global This software is now owned by Infor, see http://www.infor.com/solutions/erp/ for more details.

BPIC is also not connected to the former BPICS (the British Productivity and Inventory Control Society) now called the Institute of Operations Management (www.iomnet.org.uk).