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World Class Manufacturing e-book

A detailed description of the techniques from traditional work-to lists to lean manufacturing and total quality

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World Class Manufacturing - World class manufacturing is the key to achieving shorter lead times, lower inventory and on time in full delivery performance, measured in misses per million! This e-book will start by looking at best practice in traditional manufacturing practices before moving on to look at techniques under headings such as Lean Manufacturing, Just in Time, Total Quality (including Six Sigma) and so on (see contents list below).

This World Class Manufacturing e-book is now available in .pdf format which can be read and printed like a book (requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed). You can purchase this 10 page e-book securely by credit card (via PayPal) for just 4.95 (about US$8 or €7) by clicking the image above on the right. Full instructions are included on the download page.

List of contents

  • World Class manufacturing
  • Traditional manufacturing
  • Setting Priorities
  • Valid, Current Work Order Due Dates
  • Work To List
  • The Reschedule Dilemma
  • Tracking
  • Kanban
  •   Kanban Concepts
  •   2 Bin Kanbans
  •   Kanban Card Loops
  •   E-Mail Kanbans
  •   Brand Name Vs Generic Kanbans
  •   Kanban Rules
  •   When to use Silver Bullets
  •   Traceability with Kanbans
  •   Kanban Size - priming the loop
  •   Benefits of Kanban Size Reduction
  •   Linking Kanban Loops
  •   Administration and control
  •   Backflushing Kanban Parts
  •   Kanbans and New Products
  • Continuous Improvement Principles
  •   Task Force Structure
  •   Pareto Analysis
  •   Paired Comparison
  •   Nominal Group Technique
  •   Data Gathering
  • Set-up Time Reduction
  •   The Best Set-up is No Set-up
  •   The Set-up Reduction Steps
  • Workplace Layout Improvement
  • "U" Shaped Lines
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Point of Use Storage
  • Housekeeping
  • Statistical Process Control and Tolerances
  • Built in Quality (including six sigma)
  • Cross Training
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Team Working
  • Kaizen
  • Summary

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This e-book plus 10 more like it can be purchased together in the compendium book "Business Excellence - the integrated solution to manufacturing planning and control" price 24.90, about 45US$ / €37. . . more details