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World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Checklist

See how your business and manufacturing processes rate against the best with this World Class Manufacturing checklist

wcmchecklist1Click the checklist image on the right to download our 20 point World Class Manufacturing checklist (pdf format). The checklist gives scoring criteria for each of the 20 points and then a way to evaluate your performance in relation to other companies around the world but bear in mind. the answer to question 1, customer service, is critical. It is a measure of your success on the other 19 questions.

How to use this checklist

  • You should print and circulate the checklist (which can be downloaded as a .pdf file by clicking the image on the right) to the relevant managers for each to assess independently then meet to agree the score.
  • Record your score on each question and add up the total giving 5 for a "W", 3 for and"X", 1 for a "Y" and 0 for a "Z".
  • If you do not understand the question you are probably class Z!

 You should revisit the checklist annually; an essential criterion for a World Class Company is continuous improvement.